Introduction and Course Objective

“Welcome to Partners PIE Shop—We sell donuts”

Our video series will cover how conducting a proper job search is key in finding the right career path. First impressions can be crucial, so dressing professionally and arriving on time for an in-person interview is essential. Online interviews are sometimes requested, so being prepared and professional during these interviews is also as important as it is with in-person interviews. It is important to always remember that establishing strong relationships with your co-workers and showing initiative and avoiding gossip are the proper paths to a healthy work environment. When on the job, it is best practice to find out the company’s policies on cell phone usage. Reliability and relationships are important factors in maintaining your position, so showing up on time and completing tasks in a timely manner is important.

Following these dos and don’ts can ensure success in an organization such as Partners PIE Shop—We Sell Donuts.

SaskAbilities created a free, modernized, interactive employment training resource for individuals experiencing disability or barriers to employment. The training supports the development of essential foundational and transferable job skills for success. This resource includes interactive employment skills training video vignettes that emphasize the skills and behaviours required for job seekers and employees to be successful in the workplace.

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