Job Search – What Not To Do

Can you think of five examples of maintaining a positive attitude when job seeking?


  • Believe in yourself: always remember your own strengths. Do not focus on what you cannot do.
  • Make sure that you have people around you that will give you support and help in areas that you may need assistance.
  • Reach out to your personal and professional networks.
  • Take an online test or assessment to evaluate your skills and interests.
  • Research labour market information.
  • Keep track of where you applied and what position.
  • Stay organized and this will keep you on track with your progress.
  • Treat looking for a job like it is a job.
  • Focus on accomplishments rather than failures.
  • Make sure that you take adequate breaks for yourself and do something you enjoy.
  • Maintain a professional online presence, voicemail message, and appropriate email address
  • Think like an employer – would they want to hire you? If so, why?
  • Tailor your applications towards specific opportunities.

Job Search: What NOT To Do – Video

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