Initiative – What Not To Do

Can you think of an example of when you showed initiative at the workplace or somewhere else?


  • Asking for more responsibilities
  • Finding opportunities to improve any work processes
  • Volunteering to help co-workers if they are struggling to complete a task
  • Asking questions
  • Resolving minor issues before they are made into something larger
  • Creating a challenge for yourself personally
  • Sharing knowledge with co-workers
  • Taking on tasks that are not asked of you help increase productivity and show leadership qualities.
    • It can lead to new ideas that may be beneficial to the company that you work for; if a company is striving in most cases the benefits will trickle down to its staff.
    • It builds confidence with your employer and co-workers.
    • It shows leadership potential, which may lead to career advancement for yourself.

Initiative: What NOT To Do – Video

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